'Saturday Night Live' Reveals Will Ferrell's Amazing Audition (VIDEO)

Will Ferrell's audition for Saturday Night Live is amazing.

Auditioning for Saturday Night Live seems like one of the most nerve-wracking experiences any actor or comedian can have. You are all alone on stage 8H, in front of a collection of people that can quite possibly change your life forever. All you can do is tell your best jokes and impressions in hopes to impress them.

Clearly, Will Ferrell got the laughs he needed in his audio, which runs through a ton of characters. He stars with Harry Caray, then moves to Ted Kennedy, the “get off the shed” guy, and ends it as a corporate executive who takes a break to play with toys like a cat. 

It is an appropriately bizarre audition for Will Ferrell and any sketch comedian. But it most importantly showcases his amazing acting skills. Ferrel does impressions, he shows his physical comedy, and he shows off his ability to formulate a sketch. It’s pretty damn brilliant.

Check out his amazing audition below:

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