Production Assistant Salary - Here's How Much PAs Get Paid

How much does a Production Assistant make?

How much does a PA make? According to recent reports, production associates and production assistants earn a median annual salary of $29,151, with a range usually between $27,935 - $30,415.

What does a production assistant do?

Production assistants have several job responsibilities. For example, they are responsible for ensuring the quality of all commercials, promotions and public service announcements or they could be in charge that everything is running smoothly on set of a TV show, movie or commercial. A production assistant reports directly to a supervisor or manager such as the the assistant director. In the film industry, the goal of a production assistant is usually to work enough days on a union production to join the Director's Guild of America. There are several qualifications, which you can see here. But, after completing the certifications a production assistant can work as an assistant director where they can earn at least $69,000 per episode on a primetime TV show. However, the salary for someone working as a PA depends on several factors including what part of the industry he or she is working in, the size of the company, the filming location, years of experience and level of education. Overall A typical production assistant earns a daily rate of $100 to $200/day. Which turns out to be $1,000. However, in the film industry it can be tough to get consistent work so a production assistant can earn between $30,000 to up to $45,000 a year, which is more money than most teachers. If you are interested in a job in the film industry as a production assistant, check out the latest jobs in the film industry here.

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