If You Are Overweight, Does It Hurt Your Acting Career?

If you’re an overweight person, does it limit your opportunities as an actor?

Recently, an aspiring actor on Reddit posed this question to other working artists. But does your weight have an impact your performance? While it is common for A-list actors to transform themselves by either gaining weight or losing a few pounds, there is little known about aspiring actors who may carry a few extra pounds.

One actor explained, “What I would say is it might limit you to a certain "type" of role. As you had mentioned it is a tough industry and due to that nature you don't see too many leads with that stature.” However, there are roles for everyone of all ages, sizes, and shapes. “Odds are you would be cast more to a supporting role character and your build may even give you an edge up on an average weight cookie cutter type person. In a way, you stand out in the norm, and by no means in a negative way.”

Another actor argued that by being overweight will limit your starring roles. “Everything about an actor limits what they are likely to be cast in. In your case, you are not going to be the typical leading lady, which is not to say you will never be the lead in a film, but not the typical leading lady they are looking for most films.” The actor added, “That being said, some people who look or have something unique about them can work a lot. Often supporting roles, but I know a couple examples of this that are always booking.”

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