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Are you looking for a The Irishman’ screenplay.

‘The Irishman’ is a leading contender in the Academy Awards. The screenplay was written by Steve Zaillian, whose work includes ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Gangs of New York’. But working on a movie that spans across several decades was not an easy task for the screenwriter.

The screenplay features a ton of dialogue that focuses on friendship, loyalty, family, and business. The screenplay’s dialogue features narrative with great character development and storytelling.

At 146 pages of the screenplay, you get a chance to learn how the movie’s director, Martin Scorsese, and the tremendous cast put the movie together.

Recently, Netflix released a video interview with the movie’s screenwriter Steven Zaillian. Zaillian says he focuses on the details when it comes to telling these types of stories. While there are dozens of crime movies, Steven focuses on the relationship between the characters instead of the crimes they committed.

The cast and crew's work paid off. Over 26 million accounts watched Netflix's 'The Irishman' in the first week. In a tweet, Netflix revealed 26 million accounts streamed ‘The Irishman.’ According to Netflix, 70% of the movie must be watched to be considered a stream. According to a statement by the company’s content chief Ted Sarandos, the movie is expected to reach 40 million accounts by the 28th day. The film has won five Golden Globe nominations since debuting at the New York Film Festival, and Netflix is hoping that it will also make the Oscars.

Read and Download the 'Irishman' screenplay here.

An example of a good monologue from the 'Irishman' screenplay is when Robert De Niro's character talks about a character who snitches on the mafia. Frank Sheeran: [voice over> Now, Russell, he got pinched for telling Jimmy the Weasel to strangle Jack Napoli over some beef about twenty-five grand of jewelry that Jack took on credit from Russell, and then he never paid for. Now, with Russ, you don’t do that. So, only thing is, the Weasel, he flipped. He had a wire on him. They called it “conspiracy to kill a witness”. It was obvious to everybody else that Napoli was clearly in the wrong. I mean, how could you not see that? He set him up. It was entrapment. What else could you call it? But that’s another thing I don’t want to get into now.

If you’re looking for another monologue, check out Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ screenplay.

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