Margot Robbie: I Thought 'Wolf of Wall Street' Would Ruin My Acting Career

Margot Robbie thought Wolf of Wall Street would ruin her acting career.

Margot Robbie became an overnight success after working alongside Leonardo DiCaprio thriller The Wolf of Wall Street. And while the movie was a hit in the box office, Robbie thought the movie would ruin her acting career. In an interview with Time magazine, Robbie revealed that she thought the movie would ruin her movie career before it had a chance to even get started. She explains, “I was worried that people would be expecting too much of me now, like, ‘If Scorsese cast her in a film, she must be brilliant!’ Instead of having the chance to surprise people, I was worried that I’d disappoint them.”
In Suicide Squad, Robbie had the chance to play Harley Quinn and many critics called her the best part of the action packed thriller. Part of what made the movie amazing was the Suicide Squad's character. Robbie explained, “To me, there’s always two characters. There’s Harleen Quinzel and there’s Harley Quinn, and there are moments where Harleen takes over and that’s when she can be rational, and then Harley takes over and that’s the more erratic side.” Robbie added how she got into character for the movie role and she explained she focused on creating an addiction with the character The Joker. "It’s more than just a want. It’s a need. In fact, it’s the motivating factor for almost everything she does. All the roles I’ve played are very strong and very flawed. I look for a really strong point of view. They know who they are or they know what they want—not necessarily both.” Via Time Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.