Looking for a Talent Agency? Atlanta Models and Talent Agency

Looking for a Talent Agency?
Atlanta Models & Talent is a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (AFTRA) talent agency. The Atlanta Models and Talent Agency has been providng professional talent for video, film, and television for over 50 years.
Even Atlanta Models and Talent Agency point out on their website their selection of highly motivated professional. Here is their business philosophy:
  1. Work honestly and diligently to assist our clients to achieve successful careers
  2. Maintain a code of ethical behavior in dealing with all clients and customers
  3. To uphold industry practices, and in doing so, continue to elevate the standards and practices of our market place
  There are several different divisions to the Atlanta Models and Talent Agency.
The Atlanta Models and Talent Agency asserts that they represent unparalleled talent with a proven reputation, efficiency, and organization in the entertainment industry. They make it their priority to be well informed about each of their clients needs and providing a strong business philosophy concentrated on being a small boutique talent agency.
For the Atlanta Models and Talent Agency Commercial and Print division they argue that "With AMT Agency, our talent will be knowledgeable and credible. Our exceptional talent pool will confidently portray the story and educate in training videos. We can also be trusted to sell your product with enthusiasm and you can be sure that we will complete your job–on time, within budget, and most importantly, we’ll get your job done right."
Interested in Applying?
If you are interested in submitting materials to AMT for representation, please find instructions under  “How to Submit”. For producers, casting directors and photographers looking for talent, you may find our clients under “Our Talent”.
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