Jesse Eisenberg Shares Amazing Acting Tips

Jesse Eisenberg shares amazing and inspiring acting tips for aspiring actors.

Jesse Eisenberg's acting career is in full swing, starring as the infamous comic book villain Lex Luthor in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's probably Eisenberg's biggest acting job to date, though he's known for playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the critically acclaimed 2010 Aaron Sorkin movie, The Social Network.  Related: Kerry Washington and Cast of ‘Scandal’ Share Amazing Acting Tips [VIDEO> Jaguar PS / Regardless of starring in box office hit movies, Eisenberg is focused on his acting craft and pulling off an amazing acting performance. He's about to star in Louder than Bombs, a project we posted lead casting calls for in the past, alongside Norwegian director Joachim Trier. In the movie Eisenberg will play Jonah, a new father who is also trying to deal with the loss of his mother and the impact that it has on his family. During a recent interview, Eisenberg discussed his acting technique and approached the character for the new movie. Featureflash Photo Agency / “What I initially liked was that I thought the character’s behavior was so unusual,” Eisenberg explains when discussing why he took the role. “I loved having the opportunity to play a role that, over the course of the film, you kind of discover, as opposed to this preconceived idea of the character’s behavior presented in an accessible and clearly explicated way.” “I’m sure I have an unfortunate wealth of relatable experiences by virtue of being an actor in very public things ,” he explains. “I’m thrust into a spotlight that would probably make anyone uncomfortable. Even if the spotlight is shining brightly and seemingly with good intentions, it’s just uncomfortable. It can be easy and tempting to want to reverse back to a kind of infantilization, and that’s what the character’s going through in the movie. I really liked that it was ambiguous enough for me to impose my own personal feelings on it.” s_bukley / When it comes to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Eisenberg understand he the acting job comes with immense scrutiny. However, Eisenberg took up the challenge and agrees he took the movie's character as an intense, unhinged, bordering on psychotic billionaire. Related: Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Amazing Acting Tips for Aspiring Actors "As an actor, you go into it the way you go into anything else. I was shooting Louder Than Bombs simultaneously, and those experiences were similarly fulfilling. I would wake up at 4 in the morning and contemplate grief. In Louder Than Bombs, my character is grieving over the death of his mother under mysterious circumstances, and in Batman v Superman, my character is grieving over his bad childhood and that feeling of powerlessness in this city that he runs. My experiences were similar. Now of course, the final products couldn’t look more different, will be seen by a different amount of people, and play in different spaces, and yet my experience is the same. That’s why I think actors like doing both kinds of movies, because the experiences can be the same and you get to continue doing what it is you like to do.” DFree / But outside of acting for major motion pictures, Eisenberg agrees that working on theater productions are his favorite thing to do. “My absolute favorite thing to do is to write a play and then, after I finish, do the first reading of it with my friends around the table. That is the most fulfilling acting experience that I could possibly have, with no one watching, and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable as more and more people know about it. The next thing I’m doing is one of my plays in a 400-seat theater on the West End. I will be terrified every night before the play starts, even if 400 people are seeing it, or especially because 400 people are seeing it. That, to me, is what I’m driven by. It just so happens that with Batman v Superman I got to play one of the most interesting characters I assume I’ll ever get to play, in a movie that is probably bigger in scope than I’ll ever be involved with again. And I really hope to play that part again. So I don’t see that big of a difference in my job except when there’s more scrutiny.” Via Vulture

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