Jeremy Renner Reveals Amazing Acting Advice

Jeremy Renner Acting Tips

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13, 2015: Jeremy Renner at the world premiere of his movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron" at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock)

Jeremy Renner shares acting advice for aspiring actors.

Jeremy Renner is one of Hollywood biggest actors. His role in the Marvel movies has solidified his success and made him an International movie star. But, what makes him tick? In an interview with the Guardian, Ryan Gilbey interviews the Hollywood A-lister and Renner reveals some pretty amazing acting tips. Jeremy Renner Featureflash Photo Agency / After his parents got divorced, when he was only 10 years old, he got into acting as a way to help manage his emotions.
“It was therapeutic. The stage was a safe place for me as a man with a lot of feelings inside which I had not exposed before. Where I’m from, it would have been unacceptable – people would have told me I was a crybaby. So, I held everything in. Playing characters gave me the freedom to have all those feelings, that rage or sadness, in a safe way.”
He then played criminals for the Modesto police academy's training exercises and ultimately land his first speaking role in the comedy National Lampoon's Senior Trip.
“Oh man! That was a huge thing for me. I was nervous as all heck. I remember jumping and screaming when they told me I got the part. I was kissing the dirty old carpet. They said: ‘You’re going to Toronto!’ I was, like: ‘Awesome! Where’s Toronto?’”
His friend's say Renner's acting technique comes from his ability to be original.
“There’s a mystery to Jeremy. It’s like you don’t know if the food needs more salt or if he’s trying to poison you. He’s drawn toward unexpected choices – 99% of people would read a line of dialogue one way. He’ll come up with the twist.”
Renner's biggest acting job came when he played the role of Dahmer, a serial killer. A movie role so traumatic, that the actor reveals he still still experiences anxiety telling The Guardian, “It really screwed me up. I couldn’t go to a bar alone without experiencing anxiety.” However, his ability to stay in character is what the movie's director loved about Jeremy Renner. “You could see instantly there was something going on emotionally and mentally. It’s what makes him so fascinating to watch. He made Dahmer someone the audience might empathise with on some level.” You can read the full and amazing interview here.

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