Jenna Fischer Reveals: "My First Acting Job Was in a Sexual Education Video"

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fisher, who starred in the hit comedy series The Office, had a less-than-glamorous first acting job.

Fischer was attempting to make a living as an actress in Los Angeles and according to a  New York Times interview published on Tuesday, within six months of getting to the city, Fischer's car broke down and her bank account was empty. One day, however, a number began flashing on her pager screen. "Finally, after all the struggle, the years of dreaming, the scene study classes, the movement classes, the voice and speech work, my efforts were about to pay off. I had landed my first real acting job," she told the Times. And what, one asks, was this big break? A sex-ed video, made for patients being released from mental-health treatment facilities. There were no costumes for the shoot, she did her own makeup, and the whole thing was filmed in an apartment bathroom.

Here, according to the Times, is the riveting dialogue:

Sister: Wow, you’re spending a lot of time getting ready. You must really like this guy. Are you bringing protection?

Jenna: Protection? Protection from what?

Sister: If you plan to become sexually active, you’ll need protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

"Thanks, Sis! I’m glad I know how to protect myself," Fischer-as-getting-ready-for-date-girl said.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

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