How To Prepare For a Reality TV Show Casting Call

Casting Call film clapper

Getting seen at a Reality TV open call means being prepared.

Getting seen at a Reality TV open call means being prepared for the reality show audition. The growing popularity of Reality TV has given many unknown and would-be actors almost overnight fame. No wonder that the open call lines get longer and longer with every new season of popular shows such as American Idol and Apprentice. For established shows such as American Idol, tens of thousands come to the audition hoping for their shot at stardom. Since auditioning that many people in a few hours is not possible, many people often get turned away. It is quite possible that many people neven come close to seeing a casting director. The key to getting a Reality TV show audition is getting prepared for the reality show job. Realize that the competition is incredibly fierce and merely showing up at the time of the audition may not be enough actually to get one. For many big reality shows, the lines for the open call start the day before. Typically, only the people in the front of the line, get in and audition. Many great shows give out wrist bands to the people who lined up early. Once the wristbands run out, so do the chances at an audition for people who came to late to get a wristband. Casting directors know how many people they can see and give out a limited amount of wristbands. When planning to attend an open call, do your research first. Find out how many participated in the previous casting. Also, find out how many people actually got in and plan accordingly. Pack everything you may need, including any paperwork, a resume, headshots, and ID. For large castings, be prepared to spend the night before in line and have a change of clothes available in case you need it. For new reality shows or castings in smaller towns, arriving a day before the audition may not be necessary. Many castings have a hotline, online casting submission process, or email address to allow you to apply without attending the open call. Some reality shows have a website or page specially created for the audition that should supply the information needed. Most shows require an application to be filled out. Those applications are available on their websites and can be printed out and filled out ahead of time. If an application is available beforehand, filling it out and taking it along may be a good idea. If the show runs out of applications, you’ll be covered, and you will not need to waste any time that day filling out paperwork. As with any other competitive business, arriving early and being well prepared can be the key to success. Success also comes from trying, trying, and trying again. Too many people throw up an online profile then sit back waiting for a producer to discover you. Thinking you will get discovered that way is foolish. Casting directors will not come to you. You must go to them and be prepared to be that much better than everyone around you.

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