Easy Ways To Make Money as a Musician

Learn several easy ways to make money as a musician.

The music business offers a variety of career possibilities, which may be appealing for creative people. While the music industry has many chances, it is also a competitive field, and new musicians can struggle to earn money. If you're considering a music career, learn how to boost your earnings in the sector to make more money as a musician.

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What careers can musicians pursue?

These are some jobs that you can consider as a musician:

  • Talent agent: Talent agents are professionals who link talented performers with performance prospects. They may also promote the artist, negotiate sponsorships, and assist musicians in improving their skills.
  • Artist manager: Managers of a band's marketing service include producers. It involves arranging transportation, finding performance venues, negotiating contracts, resolving disputes, and budgeting for the group.
  • Concert promoter: Promoters of live music events, such as tours and festivals are concert promoters. Their responsibilities may include finding artists, developing marketing campaigns, and planning concert logistics.
  • Film or video game composer: Some musicians earn money by creating music for film and video games. Who necessitates a deep understanding of music theory, orchestration, and music technology.
  • Recording artist and performer: This job is professional musicians who cultivate a career by recording and selling songs and performing live shows. These performers may write their songs or collaborate with professional songwriters.
  • Producer: Producers are studio experts who coordinate the recording process with artists. Their abilities frequently significantly influence the final sound, and they must understand music theory and digital audio technology.
  • Sound engineer: Sound engineers are individuals who specialize in audio technology. They may operate sound systems at concert halls or assist recording artists in the studio.
  • Teacher: On the other hand, many musicians make their money by enrolling and instructing students in private lessons. Some people also teach music in primary and secondary schools or colleges.

How to start earning money as a musician

Here are some strategies for becoming a musician and earning money:

Record your music

Recording your music is one of the first tasks in pursuing a career as a musician. Who gives you something to promote and might help you discover live performance chances. Recording technology has advanced considerably, and today's computers are more user-friendly and less expensive than in the past. Who can have a good computer with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), high-quality microphone, and essential recording equipment for a few thousand dollars?

If you don't want to record at home, there are a variety of alternatives open to you. You may enlist the help of a buddy with production expertise if you have one. Buying time at a local studio might also be an option. Some regions have tiny neighborhood recording studios that provide reasonably priced or free recording time to young artists.

Create social media profiles

Social media is one of the target markets in most sectors. In many cases, it may provide similar advantages to musicians as traditional forms of advertising do. Consider setting up a musician's profile on several social networking sites. Include links to your videos and digital music, a link to your website, a brief bio about you or your group, and photos of you or your band in action.

Create an email list 

Creating an email list of individuals interested in your music is one approach to building a following. You may use social media to gather email addresses from friends and other interested persons and then distribute regular updates about your music and creative process. People who join your mailing list may also receive access to extra material.

Play live shows

Playing live shows is a great way to get in front of an audience and make some money. Many bands start by playing small clubs and eventually move to larger venues. If you're not sure where to start, look for local open-mic nights or contact smaller clubs in your area to see if they're looking for new performers.

Sell merchandise

Fans might like to buy items from their favorite musicians and bands. Consider producing products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, patches, and posters for sale to your fans on your website or at concerts. Physical music is also an option; it's possible that pressing vinyl records or having CDs manufactured will help you sell more music and increase your income.

Sell your music online

It's possible to make a good income by selling your music online. There are various ways to do this, including setting up your website and using online music stores such as iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD Baby. You can also distribute your music through streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

License your music

You may be able to earn money by licensing your music for use in commercials, film, television, and video games. This can be a great way to get your music heard by a wider audience and generate income from your work. You'll need to sign up with a music licensing company like Bmi, ASCAP, or SESAC.

Teach music lessons

Many musicians make a good income by teaching private music lessons. This can be a great way to share your passion for music while also earning a living. If you're interested in teaching, you can start by advertising your services on your website or social media profiles. You may also want to post flyers in local music stores or schools.

Write music for others

Another way to make money as a musician is to write music for other artists or businesses. This can be a great way to get your music heard by a wider audience and generate income from your work. You'll need to sign up with a music licensing company like Bmi, ASCAP, or SESAC.


Look for licensing opportunities

The term "licensing" refers to selling the rights to your music to another person or entity for a specific purpose. Musicians may license their songs to marketing firms or entertainment organizations that wish to incorporate their music in commercials, films, games, or videos. While fees are highly variable, musicians may make significant money licensing their work to a major corporation.

Before licensing your music, read the contract carefully and understand what you agree to. You may also want to consult an entertainment lawyer to help you negotiate the best deal possible. Be prepared to answer questions about your music, such as who wrote it, who performs it, and where it was recorded. If you're not comfortable discussing these things, you may want to reconsider licensing your music.

Increase your knowledge

Making yourself more adaptable is one of the most effective methods to enhance your musical earnings. This might allow you to meet more individuals, fill additional roles, and manage your career better. It's possible that learning a new instrument or enhancing current skills, getting more familiar with recording and music technology, or exploring your local music scene can all help.

Create a brand

Musical artists, just like other businesses, have brand names. Recognition of your brand and increased exposure may help you advance in your profession and earn more money. You might consider increasing the visibility of your social media accounts, making music videos, developing a stage persona, or selling memorabilia to build your brand. Working with performers to create a distinctive visual style can also be helpful.

Upload your music to a streaming service

Consider uploading your music to a streaming service after recording some of it. This will allow your fans to listen to your music whenever they want and can help you develop your following. Begin by signing up for a music distribution service. Some services charge one flat yearly fee, while others charge per upload. If you wish to upload songs regularly, it might be helpful to find a service that offers unlimited uploads.

After you've uploaded your music to a distribution platform, they may assist you in submitting it to all primary streaming services. Create a profile with a short biography and a photograph before uploading your music so that you may promote yourself on various platforms. Streaming sites like Spotify can help you gain more attention and discover new followers, but they often pay little per stream. Other ways to make money through streaming services include selling merchandise, concert tickets, and subscriptions.

  1. Create an electronic press kit

A press kit (EPK) is a package of materials that musicians submit to venues and concert promoters looking for performance bookings. They usually include links to the artist's music and videos and biography, and photographs of the artist or band. The primary objective of an EPK is to provide promoters with information so that they may make an informed decision about whether to book the artist.

An electronic press kit can be created using various software programs and then shared online as a link or download. You may also want to make a physical press kit that includes CD-ROMs or DVDs with your music and videos and printed copies of your biography and photographs. When creating your EPK, target it to the person reviewing it. If you're not sure who that is, research the venue or concert promoter you're targeting.

Make connections

Like many other sectors, the music business is based on personal relationships. One of the most incredible ways to raise your income and visibility is to meet other musicians and industry professionals. While you may be able to meet similar individuals online, meeting people in person generally works better. Locally attend live performances, particularly those at smaller venues; join one mic nights; festivals; and conventions. If you plan to travel to attend these events, research the city's music scene in advance. You should also introduce yourself after the show or event, exchange business cards, and stay in touch.


There are a number of ways to make more money as a musician. While some of these methods may require more work than others, all of them have the potential to help you earn more income. By expanding your skill set, increasing your visibility, and making connections, you can take your music career to the next level.

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