Beginner's Guide: How to Get Free Acting Classes

What's a good career that could help you become actor?

Want to become an actor but, you can't afford acting classes? Well, one great way to prepare for your next big movie role is to find careers that can help you become a better actor. So, what's a good career that could help you be a better actor later in life? Related: How to Get A Casting Director Interested in You Essentially, anything with a lot scheduling flexibility, or the earning potential to build a large savings that you can live on later on in life is a good idea. For example, becoming an actor is expensive, there are acting classes, auditions, head shots and workshops, which are all expensive and demand a lot of time. If you do not have a job that allows you to take time off at a moments notice, then your acting career will be negatively affected. Related:Cuba Gooding Jr. Shares Amazing Acting Tips

Sales jobs are great for aspiring actors.

Johnny Depp Everett Collection / In order to become a successful salesperson it requires good conversation, charisma, energy and improv skills. These are the same skills producers look for in actors. Hollywood's top producers are constantly seeking talent that can sell movies to reporters, fans, and movie critics. By having experience doing sales, actors are getting paid acting classes. Related: Will Smith Shares His Best Acting Tips [VIDEO] Did you know Johnny Depp was a telemarketer before he became famous? He sold pens and recalls: "I was selling pens..You’re calling people who don’t want you to call them. You put on your best fake voice and try and sell them a gross or two of ballpoint pens with their name printed on them. First you say, ‘Congratulations. you have just become eligible to win a grandfather clock’ – or a trip to Greece or a Jacuzzi or whatever.' " Featureflash / Other than sales, actors can try working inside the film and entertainment industry. For example, HBO's Vinyl star, Olivia Wilde, started out as an assistant at a casting agency. Should would see hundreds of auditions and listened to what casting directors would say after every audition. She learned how to do it from the inside and went from there. Related: SAG-AFTRA is Giving Free Acting Classes for Aspiring Actors Basically, if you want to act, you are going to have to commit to acting at some stage and the earlier the better.

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