How to Get Filmmaking Experience as a Recent Graduate?



Are you a graduate without experience but with ambitions to enter the film, fashion, or influencer industry? You’re not alone! Graduating can often feel like stepping off an uphill climb and suddenly facing unfamiliar terrain. It’s tricky to figure out what steps to take next, who has the opportunity, and how one can make their mark within a specific industry. That said, some tips will equip recent graduates as they seek progression in their respective fields – this blog post provides substantial advice! Here we explain why building relationships is critical when executing your career plans and then look at practical methods for gaining valuation alongside meaningful contacts. We reveal where such opportunities might exist for those wishing to start amassing experience, be it through internships or portfolio work, hopefully pointedly so you may begin crafting your rise through the industry more comfortably and confidently.

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You can take advantage of internships and job shadowing opportunities.

As a graduate, gaining experience in the professional world can be daunting. However, many options are available to gain knowledge and a practical understanding of a potential career field. Internships and job shadowing opportunities are two such options. Internships provide the opportunity to work in an established company with experienced professionals' guidance and develop essential transferable skills through hands-on learning. Job shadowing is more informal than internships but offers graduates invaluable insight into their desired industry by providing first-hand experience and direct contact with professionals. Ultimately, by taking advantage of these specialized opportunities available to graduates, you can increase your chances for success in the future.

Build your network by attending career fairs and industry events.

As a graduate, one of the best ways to gain the experience necessary to stand out from the competition is to build your professional network by attending career fairs and industry events. Face-to-face interaction is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and make an impression on potential employers. At these events, you can meet influential members of your targeted industries, exchange contact information and develop meaningful relationships with recruiters and small business owners. Connecting with like-minded professionals in person is a great way to learn more about the career field of your choice and discover job opportunities. Career fairs and industry events offer a unique opportunity not found when networking online.

Search for open positions using online resources such as job boards, LinkedIn, Project Casting, and Facebook.

It can sometimes be difficult for a graduate to find new job opportunities, but there are now more tools than ever for individuals to search for open positions quickly. Utilizing online resources such as job boards, LinkedIn, Project Casting, and even Facebook group boards is an excellent way to jumpstart your job search. As most of these platforms are accessible from home, you can search for jobs in your space. Additionally, many job boards have detailed criteria selections so that you can tailor your results to meet any skills or qualifications criteria specified by employers and narrow it down by sector or geographical area. Utilizing online resources should always be part of any graduate’s job-search strategy.

Reach out to local businesses and ask about volunteer or work experience opportunities. 

For graduates seeking career experience, a great option is to contact local businesses and inquire about available volunteer or work opportunities. Many companies offer internships, entry-level positions, and work-study programs even in this uncertain time. Plus, employers can develop flexible work arrangements that benefit both parties involved. Moreover, numerous volunteer opportunities may offer valuable experiences and intangible benefits such as learning new skills, developing contacts, and acquiring meaningful industry knowledge. Taking the initiative to network and establish yourself in the field can help you stand out from the competition by providing unique experiences that can aid in your professional career journey.

Get involved in campus activities such as student clubs and organizations.

As a university graduate, you can explore and gain experience with campus activities such as student clubs and organizations. Participating in these exercises boosts your skillset and showcases your interest and involvement to employers when they review resumes. These organizations often offer networking opportunities, leadership roles that help you stand out, and mentorship programs where experienced professionals assist you in maneuvering your career best. Take advantage of what each school offers - it could provide a gateway for success in the workplace.

Take part in unpaid projects or freelance work related to your degree or area of interest.

As a recent graduate, gaining real-world experience can be a challenge. Participating in unpaid projects or freelance work related to your degree or area of interest is a great way to kickstart your professional development. These activities are often more casual and flexible than traditional jobs and offer great exposure to the industry and skills you want to improve. With no financial reward, you may have time and resources to focus on higher quality work that will become great portfolio pieces and stand out when applying for paid positions in the future. Unpaid projects involve self-discipline and hard work, so why not get started now?


Finishing school is an exciting accomplishment that opens up a world of opportunity and adventure. To make the most of this opportunity, graduates need to gain experience – even if it is not fully paid or associated with a degree. Taking advantage of internships and job shadowing opportunities can give me valuable real-world experience. Involving campus activities, like student clubs or organizations, can also help create meaningful connections. Additionally, online resources and networking with industry professionals can open many doors for graduates. Volunteering or taking part in freelancing projects gives additional training, which may help when getting into an excellent entry-level position post-graduation. With some dedication and creative thinking, there are many ways to get graduate experience. The knowledge gained through these options can lead to brighter futures throughout your career journey!

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