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How to Become an Influencer in 10 Steps

Want to become a social media influencer? Here is an influencer marketing strategy that can help you become an influencer.

How can you become an influencer?

Want to become a social media influencer? Here is an influencer marketing strategy that can help you become an influencer.

1. Find your niche – Whether you are interested in cooking, sharing beauty tips, or , it is essential to do something you are interested in talking about on social media and publicly. Then, you can tell people something new, original, and exciting about that topic. Being an expert in that field is essential.

2. Get on social media – The most popular social media platforms today include YouTube, Instagram, and . Businesses pay some of the highest-paid thousands of dollars a post for a , photo, or tweet. That said, you need to understand what kind of content are you are going to make. Are you good with or are you more of a writer? Think about the type of material you want to publish and how you plan on posting that content. Instagram and YouTube are mostly for videos while Twitter is known for written content.

 3. Create a content plan – What are you going to post? How are you going to post it? Overall, it must create some intrinsic and extrinsic value.

4. Start publishing – Once you have identified your niche, created a social media channel, and a content plan, you need to there and start releasing.

5. Post Consistently – Your new content must attract people, and consistent content is what brings people back. YouTuber and Influencer Casey Neistat decided to shoot and a vlog every day for a year. After several months of posting content through Sunday, he gained over 5 million subscribers and is seen today as one of the most influential influencers today.

6. Start Networking – Contact other people and brands within your niche. Talk with them, exchange likes, comments, and even direct messages; This will help you get noticed.  Social influencer creating online content for her channel, daily vlog.

7. Build your influencer community – Invite new people to follow your social media channels. Go to forums, groups, and fan pages sharing the expert content you have created. By marketing yourself, you will be able to get more followers and more influencer capital.

8. Market yourself – By creating good content, you can begin sharing your photos, videos, and . Start sharing your content everywhere where it may seem impressive. For example, try using hashtags that are related to your niche and industry; This will help people find you and connect with what you have to say.

9. Create Utility – You want your content to serve a purpose. Whether it is a travel vacation clog or a gaming YouTube channel, you want to brand yourself as an expert and provide value to your followers.

10. Grow your channel – Continue to drive people to your social media channels and brand yourself as the author of it. 

Over time, with a social media channel and consistent content, more people that are within your niche will begin to follow your posts, stories, and videos. Remember, the indicator showing how influential you are is not the number of followers you have but, how impactful your posts, videos, and comments have on others. For instance, a celebrity may have millions of social media followers but, a relatively favorite YouTuber has more of an impact on others buying decisions than A-list . Overall, it is your community that you are building.

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