Learn How to Become a Professional Movie Actor (Video)

George Clooney

In nearly every scene, George Clooney does the same thing - George Clooney loves to bobble his head!

Learn how to become an actor on a major feature film

One of the most critical parts to the creative process and filmmaking is the communication between the director and the actor.  The director has a vision and it is his responsibility to communicate his vision so the actor can understand his direction, feelings, and emotions they would like to see on screen. It is tough and definitely not easy. For example, According to Sharon Waxman's movie about the film industry, Rebels on the Backlot, George Clooney felt that director David O. Russell had been too rough with an extra and got in his face about it; the men shouted at each other, Russell head-butted Clooney, and Clooney grabbed the director by the neck. While many filmmakers go to the film school to learn different camera lenses, lighting techniques, filmmaking styles and other technical aspects of filmmaking, rarely does a film school teach a director how to find the best talent to their movie, TV show or production neither does an aspiring filmmaker learn how to communicate with her talent. It can be a tough and hard process both for the actor and the director. If a director is unable to communicate effectively, then the producer or even the production company may run into issues. Recently, during a question and answer session with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation,  filmmakers share their experiences and gave tips for actors trying to break into the movie industry. The video features Ana Lily Amirpour, Patrick Brice, Liza Johnson, and Adam Salky discussing their approaches to working with actors. These filmmakers share their experiences as a director and revealed not only their responsibilities but their expectations they demand, talented actor. While many actors see the casting director is the biggest hurdle to landing the acting job, it is ultimately up to the director to decide who should or should not appear on the screen. The video is about 90 minutes long but is definitely worth it as a gift and exclusive and inside view into the art of filmmaking from the directors perspective. If you're looking for acting tip and want to learn more about acting check out the video below.

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