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Directors have the job and duty to tell compelling stories through an actor’s performance and visuals. They are in charge of pre-production, filmmaking, and post-production.

Get Free Access to Sundance's Library of Online Master Classes

The Sundance Institute understands the challenges thousands of people are facing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now, Sundance is giving aspiring filmmakers access to their library of film classes and webinars on Sundance Co//ab for free.

The classes previously cost $75 and feature leading filmmakers, content creators, and directors sharing their filmmaking process and how to get financing.

One of the masterclasses is “Pitching for Success”. The film class is “a live, online three-hour learning experience. The class reveals proven techniques to clarify the message of your pitch, successfully connect with your audience, and enhance your physical presence to effectively engage potential collaborators, funders, and other stakeholders. You’ll leave with a toolset of practical strategies that will help you command the room during any opportunity to pitch or present your project. This class is designed for those with pitching experience looking to enrich their current skill set as well as those new to pitching techniques.”

Another great class is “Film Producing: The Business of Fiction Filmmaking” course.  Learn how to develop successful producing strategies for major aspects of getting your independent fiction film made and seen, with an accomplished producer as your guide. This eight-week live online course is for emerging and working producers. Sessions include presentations, case studies, discussion, interactive exercises, and small group problem-solving sessions based on each participant’s individual project needs. It concludes with a one-on-one mentoring session with the lead instructor or course advisor focused on your project. Participants should come prepared with a project that they are currently producing.”

Check out Sundance Co//ab to learn more.

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