How to Join Hollywood's Elite Fashion Stylist Industry

You can now take classes to become a fashion stylists.

Do you dream of dressing Hollywood's biggest A-listers? Do you have a dream of showing off your fashion designing skills on Instagram with Rihanna wearing your favorite outfits? Well, we have good news, a new school called the School of Style is one of the only training grounds in the world that produces out tomorrow's next big stylists. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The School of Style’s Luke Storey, CEO and founder, and Lauren Messiah, COO and co-founder, not only serve as the resident head masters of the styling world’s only fashion school exclusively for stylists, but they are also the secret weapons of the industry’s power stylists, churning out the next generation of skilled interns, assistants and future stylists.

"I’m a fan of the crash course way of learning because I don’t like the time commitment," Storey says. "When budgets started to shrink in the music business, I found myself in a position where I didn’t have enough money to hire assistants so I posted ads for interns online. I got so many replies in one day, and I realized how many people out there were really hungry for information and opportunity but would never find a way in." The program features the basics of the fashion business and the politics of the industry. It also teaches aspiring stylists how to style celebrities on the red carpet as well as the details of the industry that you are unable to find anywhere else. The School of Style also started online programs for aspiring fashion stylists and after completing the program, students are connected to an alumni club that connects them with daily job opportunities in the fashion styling business. "We hand them a career once they complete training," Storey explains. "We are training the students to be the next generation of interns and assistants because that’s how you become a stylist. You may have to assist for a good five years before your career really takes off, but we prepare them for that reality so when they get those jobs, they know what to do and that allows them to gain much more leverage in the industry."

What do you think? Do you think the School of Style is a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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