Chris Pratt on His Horrible Superman Audition: "it’s all divinely planned."

In life is seems like everything happens for a reason. Take Chris Pratt, for example, before working as a guest star on the hit NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation, Pratt works in the film industry for 10 years. In fact, a large portion of that time he spent living inside of his van. Then, Pratt started working on major movies and they were all box office hits. While the actor may be at the top of his game now, Pratt lost his biggest acting job ever after he auditioned for the role of Superman.

While promoting his new movie on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, the two actors discussed about the time Pratt left the set of the TV series Strangers with Candy to audition for the role of Superman in Superman Returns. When Colbert remarked that he thought Pratt would make a great Superman, Pratt replied, “The casting director did not agree.”

Ultimately, Pratt did not get the role. Brandon Routh eventually did and the 2006 Superman movie was not a hit at the box office. Pratt later became Marvel’s Star-Lord, which had greater success at the box office and loved by fans across the world. Pratt then added, “It just goes to show that it’s all divinely planned. If it’s not working out in the moment, then have faith that it might work out in the future. The no’s that you get today might mean an even more powerful yes in the future. You know what I mean?”

Pratt concluded by joking, “I’m glad I wasn’t Superman!”