Chris Evans Got Discovered After Sending This Letter to Casting Directors

Chris Evans says he was discovered after sending this letter to casting directors when he was an aspiring actor.

When you look at Chris Evans nowadays, you can't help but think of him as the perfect actor to play a superhero. He has the physique, acting skills and charisma to wow audiences time and time ago. But, before Chris Evans was showcasing his acting skills in front of millions of people, Evans was an aspiring actor just trying to make it in the film industry. While that seems hard to believe, Evans took the time to reveal the letter he would send to casting directors, which helped him get discovered. You can read the letter below. The post comes from Chris Evans' Twitter account, and it already has over 13,000 retweets and 44,000 favorites in less than 48 hours. After reading the letter, you can see he had the motivation to succeed. Not only was he talking the summer of 1988 as the opportunity to study acting at the Lees Strasberg Institute, but he was pursuing talents outside of the film industry, something most actors overlook and won't even consider. It's a drive and motivation to succeed that makes more sense, as after he spent twenty years in the film industry, he has now started directing his own movies. It all goes to show that it takes hard work and dedication in order to make your dreams come true. Related: What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

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