Ben Affleck Reveals How He Prepares for Every Role

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Ben Affleck reveals how he finds and gets into character.

In the Netflix thriller, "Triple Frontier," Ben Affleck stars as a member of an elite crew of soldiers and reunites with his former comrades to plan a heist. Affleck worked alongside Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam. Even though Affleck is known for directing many of his films, "Triple Frontier" was co-written and directed by J.C. Chandor, which means Affleck could concentrate on acting while working on the movie. In a recent interview with Collider, he reveals how he gets into character. In Triple Frontier, Affleck plays a character named Tom “Redfly” Davis, who works as a realtor after his life as a soldier. Affleck, who has played a wide variety of roles in his career. In the interview, he spoke about how he prepares to play different characters as an actor. He explained, “I do a lot of research. I’m very research dependent. I like to find true details that help me and flourishes the character. I do biographic work on the character, backstory, that kind of thing. It’s a similar approach every time, but it’s really rooted in reality. That’s what’s most interesting to me about acting, finding real behavior and making artificial behavior seem real so that it resonates with an audience.” Related:

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