Beginner's Guide to Acting: Why Safety Matters

What every actor should know about safety on set.

You may not immediately think of safety when it comes to acting. However, as casting directors at Heery-Loftus Casting pointed out, safety is crucial not only to your acting career but also to your health. This Tuesday, Heery-Loftus Casting shared an amazing tip on how actors should take precaution while working on set and that it is more than just learning lines for the next scene.
The “Tuesday Tip” for actors: SAFETY FIRST! Be sure that you are fully informed about what will be required of you on a set, and that it is SAFE. Do NOT allow yourself to feel pressured into doing a stunt that you are unqualified for, or perform a scene that you are uncomfortable with. For a stunt, be sure that there is production insurance in place, and that a stunt coordinator is present overseeing the action. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into doing something “for the good of the project” or playing off the sentiment about having “dedication to your craft.” Your safety and integrity is much more important. And, if you feel threatened in any way- tell the producer, call your agent, call the union.
This news comes after a construction worker working at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Atlanta, Georgia tragically died in an accident on set. What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.