How To Become a Great Screenwriter [VIDEO]

Learn how to become a great screenwriter in this amazing video essay on the Social Network.

Many filmmakers argue that dialogue scenes are the hardest scenes to make interesting. Face it, it's just two people talking but, it's necessary in order to progress the movie's storyline along. Channel Criswell investigated dialogue in movies and she starts with with that amazing opening scene in The Social Network where you find out the motivation, personality and interests of the movie's versions of Mark Zuckerberg. In that one opening scene, you find out he's extremely smart, socially awkward, and a jerk that is obsessed with becoming successful. It's a dialogue scene that explains the character in detail, reveals his motivation for everything that's about to happen in the movie. Check out the video essay, which explains how to write a great dialogue scene. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.