5 Tips Actors Should be Using on their Business Cards

Acting Tip Business Card

Acting Tip Business Card

How to make yourself stand out as an actor with only your business card.

Actors, models, and talents have to always focus on branding and marketing themselves. One popular way of getting your name out there is by purchasing tons of business cards and passing them out to everyone you see in hopes you get discovered. But does that work? What should you put on your business card, so it stands out? How can your business card make you memorable? Here are five things you should be doing when it comes to designing and handing out your business card.
  1. Keep it simple. Avoid a flashy design.
  2. Actor business cards should always have your headshot.
  3. Keep in mind most people will throw away your business card.
  4. Make sure to feature your contact information, so people know how to contact you.
  5. Business cards are not cheap, give your business card to people that can help you.
Business cards will not land you a starring role on a feature film, and most people will end up throwing them away. I would suggest a simple design featuring a small picture. By keeping it simple will help directors, producers, and filmmakers remember you and increase your chances of getting the call for the landing role. Related: What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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