5 Reasons Why Every Actor Should Do Extra Work

Should actors do background extra work? Here are 5 reasons why every actor should consider doing background acting work.

Many of today's A-list actors started working as a background extra. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon both started their acting career as background extras before they made their critically acclaimed movie, Good Will Hunting. Sylvester Stallone worked alongside Woody Allen before landing his first ever speaking role. Brad Pitt also worked as a background extra before making it in Hollywood. However, many casting directors, acting coaches, and other filmmakers will tell aspiring actors that doing background extra work is a waste of time and can hurt your chances on making it into the film industry. However, in a recent interview with casting director, Michelle Kelly, CSA, Kelly reveals why it is important that every aspiring actor experiences at least one day on set due to the amount of knowledge, experience, and connections an actor can learn or make while working as a background extra. If you have anything you’d like answered, please send an email to Arvold Casting at [email protected].

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