4 Things You Should Be Doing Before You Move for Your Acting Career

It is clear that some areas  have more opportunities for actors than others. But, what should you do before you move to a new city for acting?

There are many people that consider moving to big market cities such as Los Angeles and New York City to boost their acting career. But, before you pack your bags, book your ticket and say good bye to your hometown, here four pieces of advice that will help you transition into a new area and boost your acting career.

#1 Get As Much Work as You Can Before You Leave!

Are there any acting opportunities where you live? If so, I would recommend getting as much out of your local scene as possible while you save up money, which you will need a lot of for a successful move.

#2. Build your Acting Resume

Work on as many local productions in your area as you can  before you decide to leave. Over saturated markets such as Los Angeles and New York City have tons of qualified talents that have been working longer and harder. The best way to compete with these talents is by building up an acting resume with commercials, short films, and independent films. A good way to get your foot in the door is by contacting your local community college, or University and ask for their drama, theater, or film department. This will help you stand out against other actors in your new city.

#3. Consider moving to cities that are not oversaturated with talent

Everyone may tell you that Los Angeles is the place to be. Or, New York City is where you have to move to make it happen. That is far from the truth. Chicago has a growing acting scene as well as Atlanta. By moving to cities with smaller markets, you are competing with a smaller crowd and this will allow for you to build your acting resume. Eventually, you can move out to bigger markets but, only when your resume is filled with major productions.

#4. Work on your accent

This is something that is often times overlooked. People from all over the United States sound different, depending upon where they grew up. Try working on eliminating your accent and having a neutral voice. Most actors undergo voice training to break their Southern dialect, or New York tone. Do you have any acting tips, advice for actors, or anything to add? Share it with us in the comments below! Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.