10 Movies That Fired The Star During Filming [Video]

The film industry can be extremely tough.

When you book an acting job, you're thinking that you are guaranteed to see it through the end, and get rewarded for all of the hard work you put into the project. However in Hollywood, that is not always the case. While you can get cast in a movie it is not always promised that you will stick around for the entire production. Whether if it is due to disagreements, poor acting, or just simply not right for the part, actors can find themselves working today and looking for a job tomorrow. The very thought about losing a job over a freckle or your height is pretty scary, which probably contributes to why only so many actors stick around in the film industry. In a video published by The Richest, here are 10 movies that fired their lead actor during filming. It is one thing to fire a supporting an actor who is playing a character that won't be missed. But it is compltely different when you fire the A-list lead in the feature film. Moral of the story? Show up on time, don’t change your body dramatically, and be respectful to your fellow cast and crew.