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Project Casting's audition listings in Los Angeles, CA, include movies, film, TV, commercials, and modeling roles. New auditions are posted to every day. The following listings display productions and casting notices for Atlanta. About Los Angeles: LA is the most populous city in North America after Mexico City and New York City. LA is known for the warm weather, diversity, and Hollywood entertainment industry. Since the early 20th Century, Hollywood cinema characterizes what most of the films we see today. Major film studios film many of Hollywood's highest-grossing movies.
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Coronavirus Hollywood Impact – How COVID is Changing Filmmaking

Here's how the Coronavirus is impacting Hollywood. In Los Angeles County, there are currently 409,000 cases with 7,700 cases. In fact, in the last two weeks, there are over 50,000 cases of Coronavirus infections. That said,...

8 Signs You’re Meant to Become an Actor

How do you know you should be an actor? 8 signs you're meant to become an actor. Using your imagination is a right of passage as a kid. Acting is a great way to learn...

How to Audition for Netflix

How to Audition for Netflix Netflix is a household name and is known for streaming some of the biggest movies, TV shows, and productions. Arguably, over 180 million people subscribe to Netflix’s streaming services. Regarding Netflix...

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Open Auditions for the Next Boy Band

Open Auditions for the Next Boy Band

Grammy award winning songwriter and producer Steven Russell – known for writing songs for artists including Jordin Sparks (“No Air”) ,Chris Brown (“Take You Dow...
Grey's Anatomy Casting Information

Grey's Anatomy Casting Information

The ABC hit medical drama series "Grey's Anatomy" is currently on their ninth season, and according to sources "casting is ongoing for principal actors and back...
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