YouTube Star Posts "Prank" Video Sexually Assaulting Women

YouTube star posts "prank" sexually assaulting women.

Sam Pepper has created several hit videos on YouTube. His videos typically have well over one million views and he is known for being over the top. Yesterday, he posted a video where he went around to young women and grabbed their asses. I guess he assumed that it would be funny. The video went viral last night for all of the wrong reasons. This "prank" involved him going up to unsuspecting women, many who looked under 18 and pinched their butts. Overall it is disrespectful, gross and it's sexual assault. But, what is more insane is that the YouTube star thought it was a joke. The video shows him going up to five women and grabbing their asse. One woman is so shocked that she jumps away. One woman says, "Oh my god, no!" all the while Sam laughs the entire time. Sam Pepper has made no comment on social media and the video is currently still up. People are filing complaints to YouTube to get the video removed. Many of his fans have responded by unsubscribing from his channel and demanding he remove the video. It is sad to see that we live in a time where people will literally do anything to be famous including sexually assaulting, innocent and unsuspecting women. Related: What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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