YouTube Launches Program to Help Aspiring Rappers, Singers and Musicians

YouTube has announced a program (YouTube Music Foundry) to help develop music talent.

YouTube says they will give aspiring musicians, singers and rappers tools and guidance on how to successfully grow their presence on YouTube. Related: 8 Year Old Makes $127,000 a Month Off YouTube Videos The program is called "YouTube Music Foundry,"  which will give people the opportunity to learn how to break into the music industry through YouTube's platform. All of the Music Foundry content on the website is free and available on the YouTube Music app. From
The Foundry program is one of many the company has created over the last several years to assist artists and the music industry in producing and optimizing content. Among the tools artists are learning to use now include live video production, a rapidly growing technology that over the last several years has grown exponentially with the ascent of Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat and other social media technologies with video. (Facebook recently announced it was making live video streaming tools more widely available for its users.)
There have been two live-day Foundry sessions. One occurring in LA in September and another in London this December with another YouTube Music Foundry session taking place in New York City this April 25th. Related: YouTube Star Arrested for Sexually Exploiting a 12-Year-Old YouTube is also networking witht he music industry to discuss deeper collaborations to better promote artists and encourage exclusive content on the YouTube website. However, this will be an uphill battle as the website has been forced to battle music piracy and reports of inadequately compensating artists for their content posted onto the website. YouTube has fought back by creating a Content ID system to systematically ban, delete and eliminate copyrighted material from their website and servers. So far it has enabled copyright owners identify and monetize videos as well as eliminate infringing content - something Facebook has yet to address or fix. Related: 5 Most Viral YouTube Videos This Year A few months ago, YouTube announced YouTube Red, a subscription service for $9.99 a month offering users ad-free videos and music, original content and offline play. The goal is to help not only improve earnings, profits but, help support content providers. Source: Billboard

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