Your State's Most Popular Google Search is Most likely Embarrassing

Your State's most popular unique google search is probably super embarrassing.

There is one search term that your state Googles more than any other state in the country and unless you live in Maine or Tennessee, it is most likely extremely embarrassing. Estately recently created a graphic that compiled all of these unique searches, which range from the akward "Do I have Herpes" in Texas to "Conjugal Visits" in Arizona. I guess Massachusetts does not have much to worry about since they are too busy Googling "Canadian men". Don't forget about "Butt Implants" in Georgia. So, the next time you are debating between moving to Los Angeles or Georgia for the next film production, keep in mind a majority of the people are either thinking about "Butt Implants" or "Meat is Murder". myrqfuuupxz3mgqbdspu

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