New Frightening Virus is Targeting Your Android Phone

China-based Yingmob use malware known as Hummingbad to hack Android-based cell phones.

Check Point is a group of security researchers that examine and investigate malware and viruses affecting mobile devices and electronics across the country. Recently, the group gained access to Yingmob, a China-based group of cyber criminals that use malware known as HummingBad to target Android-based devices. Over the past five months, the researchers discovered that Yingmob has infiltrated 10 million Android devices and generated an astounding $300,000 per month in "fraudulent ad revenue" from their malware. "Yingmob runs alongside a legitimate Chinese advertising analytics company, sharing its resources and technology," the researchers claim. "The group is highly organized with 25 employees that staff four separate groups responsible for developing HummingBad's malicious components. "Emboldened by this independence, Yingmob and groups like it can focus on honing their skill sets to take malware campaigns in entirely new directions, a trend Check Point researchers believe will escalate," the researchers said. "For example, groups can pool device resources to create powerful botnets, they can create databases of devices to conduct highly-targeted attacks, or they can build new streams of revenue by selling access to devices under their control to the highest bidder." While that sounds frightening, there's another big problem. According to Check Point, affected device owners probably have no idea that their cell phone has been targeted or affected, and there are currently no tools to remove or even detect if the virus Yingmob has been installed onto your device. Consequently, your cell phone and most importantly your data may be "exposed," the researchers say. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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