Woman Arrested After Twerking Attack [VIDEO]

Twerking may have existed long before Miley Cyrus but, we can all probably thank MTV and Taylor Swift for making it mainstream.

Twerking Taylor Swift (Perez Hilton) Now, in 2015, women are getting arrested after twerking on a random guy. According to reports, Washington, D.C. police have arrested one of two women caught on film twerking on and dancing on a male customer without his permission. One of two women caught on film twerking and groping a man without his consent at a Washington, D.C., gas station has been arrested and charged with third-degree sexual abuse, according a police report. The twerking incident occurred on October 7th at a gas station in Washington D.C. after a man went inside the Shell convenience store at around 4 p.m. Twerk Attack nbc4 Washington In security footage released by Metropolitan Police Department on November 9th, a woman is seen twerking on the man without his permission. Another woman then approaches and touches his private parts as he tries to walk away. Twerk Attack The victim, who has asked not to be identified, told a local Fox news satation that he told the women to stop and even asked the clerk for help, the man responded, "What do you want me to do?" He told Fox 5 that he went outside to call 911, but the women followed him and continued to sexually assault him. The man said police also have footage of the assualt in the car wash but that was not released. He said he was there was a group of men outside, who he thought might have been pimps, and feared that fighting back might have escalated the incident. Police released the footage of the gas station and a $1,000 reward for information. Source: Fox

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