Entertainment NewsWill Smith's Sci-Fi Adventure in 'Resistor' Sparks Parallels with Famed Keanu Reeves...

Will Smith’s Sci-Fi Adventure in ‘Resistor’ Sparks Parallels with Famed Keanu Reeves Flick


Key takeaways:

– Will Smith teams up with Sony , bringing us a new sci-fi thriller named ‘Resistor'.
– The is based on Daniel Suarez's renowned novel, ‘Influx'.
– ‘Resistor' showcases the tale of intellects battling against covert suppression.
– Parallels are being drawn between ‘Resistor' and Reeves' film ‘Chain Reaction' from 1996.

Riding the Wave of Success – Sony and Will Smith Team Up

Fresh off the success of ‘: Ride or Die', Will Smith and have united once more. This time they gear up to delve into the world of science fiction with a thrilling creation, ‘Resistor'. Fans have been anticipating Smith's return to the genre since ‘After Earth' (), where he shared screen space with his son, Jaden Smith.

Plot Revelations and Mystery Surrounding ‘Resistor'

The screenplay springs from the pages of Daniel Suarez's acclaimed novel ‘Influx'. Zak Olkewicz and Eric Warren are the skilled hands behind this adaptation. The storytelling powerhouse, Escape Artists, will co-create alongside producers Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, and Heather Washington.

‘Influx' features a dystopian society where the uses devious methods to hinder technological progress. The storyline revolves around physicist Jon Grady and his team who invent a device capable of reflecting . This groundbreaking discovery has the potential to irrevocably change the field of physics and redefine the future.

However, instead of being lauded for this scientific leap, Grady's laboratory is seized by a secret organization known as the Bureau of Technology Control. The Bureau's objective is to keep rapid technological advancements under wraps and prevent the potential societal commotion it could trigger.

Drawing Parallels with Keanu Reeves' ‘Chain Reaction'

Interestingly, fans have detected a sense of déjà vu, drawing similarities to Keanu Reeves' 1996 movie, ‘Chain Reaction'. Reeves' movie revolves around a scientist who discovers a revolutionary method to produce clean energy from water, leaving him fleeing from government forces keen on stifling his work.

Just like ‘Chain Reaction', ‘Resistor' traces the narrative of a groundbreaking scientific discovery that challenges structures. In the first instance, it's the pursuit of clean energy, while the latter focuses on the manipulation of gravity. Both themes have profound implications, and the buzz around their comparison is palpable.

‘Resistor' – A Daring Leap into Sci-Fi and the Unknown

The news of ‘Resistor' has opened a slew of discussions, building excitement around its imminent release. Fans hope that Will Smith's return to sci-fi will be as stellar and impactful as his earlier classics. ‘Resistor's premise's resemblance with ‘Chain Reaction' only adds fuel to the anticipation.

With the constant technological evolution, the concept of the film brings a refreshing take to the genre. The idea of combating shady forces while making revolutionary scientific discoveries will undoubtedly grip the audience.

In Conclusion

Let's stay tuned and see if ‘Resistor' will live up to its hype, or if it will substantiate fans' worries. One thing's for sure, though – with Smith and Sony joining forces, it's bound to be a thrilling ride. ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die' is currently running in theatres, reminding us once again why Will Smith is a vital figure in Hollywood.

As for ‘Resistor', only time will tell if it adds another feather to Smith's cap or is a misstep in his stellar career.

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