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Why Pixar Is Not Making Live-Action Movies

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Key Takeaways:

– Unlike , Pixar has no plans for live-action versions of its movies.
– Pete Docter, Pixar's CCO, is all for original creations and deems remakes uninteresting.
– Pixar aims to rebound with the highly awaited sequel.
– The seemingly daunting task of transforming animation into reality is another deterrent.
– Docter suggests Disney should adopt Pixar's viewpoint instead of launching more live-action remakes.

Disney's Live-Action Run, Not for Pixar

Everyone has surely noticed Disney's wave of live-action movies like and the Beast and . The list keeps growing and with the likes of Moana and Mufasa: lined up, Disney shows no signs of stopping. But turns out, Pixar is not keen on jumping on this live-action bandwagon.

Pixar's No Go for Live-action

Pixar's Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter doesn't seem thrilled about the idea of live-action remakes. Even with the studio's recent commercial struggles, they have their hopes pinned on the highly anticipated sequel of Inside Out to get the ball rolling again. While Docter is open to strategies that increase reach, he draws a hard line when it comes to live-action versions of Pixar's animated classics.

In an exclusive interview with , Docter openly shared his disapproval for live-action versions. This implies that awaiting a live-action Ratatouille may be left disappointed, despite constant fan campaigns.

Docter's Live-Action Predicament

Docter has a strong argument against live-action remakes. He believes that translating animation into reality is a complex feat. This is particularly true considering that the charm of Pixar's characters is often rooted in their animated form. Imagine Remi from Ratatouille being portrayed as a real rat or the house in Up carried by real balloons! As Docter points out, the improbability of such situations is gladly accepted in animated movies but wouldn't be taken the same way in a live-action adaptation.

Take the Up for example. The film beautifully portrays the friendship between an old man and a spirited young boy scout. However, the main plot involves their little house taking flight. In animation, this made for an engaging storyline, but in reality, it would raise problematic questions about physics and believability.

Similarly, Ratatouille was a massive hit, raking over $623 million worldwide and taking home an Oscar. But Docter, despite the film's grand success, is hesitant to greenlight a live-action remake.

A Nudge for Disney

Docter's take on live-action remakes offers Disney some food for thought. Maybe it's time for Disney to reconsider relentless live-action remakes and consider the challenges and benefits of adhering to original animation.

The delightful world of Pixar's animated creations continues to capture imaginations. With Docter's determination and exciting projects like the Inside Out sequel coming up, fans have more of their favorite original stories to look forward to.

Psst! You can still enjoy Ratatouille and other Pixar gems on Disney+ or rent them on Apple TV+.

Endnote: Pixar continues to uphold the magic of original animation while Disney rides high on live-action remakes. It's interesting to see these two entertainment giants take different paths. It's no less than a cinema treat for moviegoers worldwide to experience the diverse creative decisions of these leaders. Enjoy the show!



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