[WATCH] Ref Pulls Gun on Players in the Middle of a Soccer Match

Brazilian Ref Pulls Gun on Players in the Middle of a Soccer Match

If you have ever watched a soccer match and thought "this can get pretty intense, you're not alone. It's weired how often you see soccer players yell and make aggressive gestures at officials with no care in the world. Ultimately, it looks like refs must have thick skin. Well, most of them do. The ref in this amateur Brazilian soccer match was a little more sensitive to criticism than most, and he was packing a gun. That's a dangerous mixture. The Guardian reports that the referee, Gabriel Murta, is also a police officer, which explains why he had the gun. However, perhaps a man who pulls a gun when a player complains about a call does not have the ability to be a police office. Murta is reportedly set to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine if he will be allowed to continue officiating games, but maybe his police department should check on him as well.  

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