Want to Audition for "Saturday Night Live"? Read this First

Have you ever wanted to audition for "Saturday Night Live"?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, Noël Wells describes her first time on the famous tv series. After building up a resume doing several short films and comedic skits, she was offered an audition with SNL. logo11 This is how she describes her audition:
"They have you stay in this really small hotel," she said of her "SNL" audition memory. "It's like a hotel for businessmen who haven't seen their family in months. I swear to God, I heard a man talking to his kid on Skype or FaceTime. She was like, 'Daddy, where are you?' He was like, 'I'm sorry, Tiffany, happy birthday.' I just remember being so sad about that, and also realizing everybody could hear everything I was doing in my room. I couldn't practice my audition without feeling super self-conscious." To combat that feeling, Wells decided to go to Central Park, where she had anticipated doing her audition in front of a tree ("which made a lot of sense because nobody laughs at your audition"). Unfortunately, the sight of a person gesturing wildly to no one in particular drew the attention of park visitors, which necessitated a new course of action. "I had the idea that the only way to get through five minutes would be to find somebody on the field and perform it for them," Wells said. "I spent 30 minutes picking somebody out, walking really close to them and then bailing at the last second. Finally, I was like, 'Stop being a pussy. You want to be on 'Saturday Night Live.' You will approach a stranger and ask them to watch the audition.'" Photo: Stephanie Nelson Photography Photo: Stephanie Nelson Photography Wells found two men in their early 20s who agreed to listen to her material. "So I did it for them and at the end of it, they were like, 'We have some notes.'"
Noël Wells later goes on to describe her first audition ever in Los Angeles and how mortifying the experience was.   It's a really great article looking at the perspective aspiring actors pursuing their dreams in entertainment industry. Check out the full article here.