'Walking Dead' Theory: Daryl Using Morse Code?

A new Walking Dead fan theory suggests Daryl is using morse code to help Rick in the latest episode

Fans of The Walking Dead are devoted to the show. They spent months watching the season six finale trying to figure out who was killed in the final scene. And now fans think they have discovered another secret hidden in the latest episode. In the fourth episode of the season, 'Service,' Negan arrives at Alexandria with a bruised and bloody Daryl following behind. And while Daryl Dixon continues to rarely say word, people think he may have been telling Rick and the gang a secret message with his eyes. The picture of the Morse code board was featured in an earlier shot from Alexandria, so there's a good chance Rick's gang of survivors learned it specifically for a situation where someone can't speak and need to let their friends know something important. There's a lot of debate as to exactly what Daryl blinked at Rick, but fans are convinced there's a code in there somewhere. Some people argue that he's saying '6 miles east of Hilltop, which could be where the Saviors are located. Others think he's referring to State Highway 6 East. Then there's those who believe he's telling Rick the Saviors are headed to the Hilltop next. Or maybe something flew into Norman Reedus' eyes during production. If he was signaling something to Rick about Hilltop, we will know about it soon enough. What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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