6 Things You Missed in The Walking Dead Episode 7 "Crossed"

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 revealed a ton of inside hints, spoilers, and details. Here is everything you need to know!

[Spoiler Alert> Major The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 spoilers for episode "Crossed" This week in The Walking Dead, we finally see the entire cast and crew of The Walking Dead in one episode. Finally! While the group may not actually be working together, we got a good look at what to expect in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Beth was trying to save Carol, Tara, Glenn and Rosita ended fishing, Carl and Michonne were babysitting, while Rick and Daryl were planning their attack into Grady Memorial. With so many storylines happening at once, there are several things you probably missed in Walking Dead episode 7 "Crossed" walking-dead-christine-woods-02_612x380

1. Officer Dawn is not stupid.

After episode 4, you expect Officer Dawn to be a total jerk and will do anything to get rid of Beth. But, in the beginning of Sunday's episode she made a weird movie, after telling an officer to get Carol's life support turned off she then backtracked and gave Beth the key to the drugs cabinet, something she did not even trust any of the other officers with. It begs the question, is Dawn as really mean as she portrays herself or is she trying to look like she is a strong leader when she is really kind-hearted and caring. Later in the episode, when the three officers are taken hostage by Rick and Daryl's group, the police officers argue about the lack of leadership, and that they are a ready to overthrow her and put someone else in charge. Maybe, helping Beth is Dawn's way of making friends just in case her fellow police officers want to see her killed.

2. Religious symbolism

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Gabriel-Gilliam-590 Father Gabriel has become one of the most confusing and secretive characters in Season 5. Earlier in the season, you figured that his only sin was locking helpless people out of the church, however, there is something deeper going on that has yet to be revealed. Throughout the episode, however, there was a lot of religious symbolism, including Jesus being nailed to the crucifix, the title of the episode, and Gabriel standing on a nail. Then to drive the crucifix theme home he came across a walker who he killed, who had a crucifix necklace.

3. The Walkers are changing

The Walking Dead Zombies Throughout Season 5 the zombies have changed from being a real threat to almost a joke. Over time the real threat in the zombie apocalypse is not the zombies but the survivors. This week Tara made some jokes about walkers being stuck on their way to the river, not even bothering to kill them until they needed to get supplies.Perhaps the zombies are getting weaker, or executive producer is getting everyone ready for a major mid-season finale. According to reports, there will be over 800 walkers in the episode.

4. Rick is changing and people aren't listening

Rick The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln, the actor that plays Rick, revealed that this season will feature a newer, darker Rick. Throughout the episode we saw this newer version of Rick 2.0 when he announced to his plan to kill everyone over at Grady Memorial. However, Tyreese and Daryl force Rick to try a hostage swap crisis. At the end of the episode, the officer prove that they are not to be trusted. Ultimately, showing that Rick's plan may have been for the better. I be this will be the last time Rick listens to someone else's plans.

5. The clocks are the biggest spoilers

The Walking Dead Beth Dead In Season 5 of The Walking Dead, there are a lot of pictures of clocks and watches. While a lot of the clocks show the current episode with the time, the most recent episode references events in future episodes. [MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you do not want to learn more] According to The Spoiling Dead fans, we have inside information that it could be Beth who dies in episode 8, during the mid-season finale. However, it is believed that while Beth looks like she dies in episode 8, it is actually a mid-season cliff hanger, and in episode 10 she is actually live. This theory becomes more evident with the latest clock sighting in "Crossed," in the scene with Beth and Dr. Edwards the clock in the background is pointed towards eight and 10.

6. The stain on the floor

3-47-Father-Gabriel-Floor In addition to being extremely sneaky, Father Gabriel's obsession with the stain on the floor draws some serious suspicion. We all know that there was a lot of blood spilled when Rick and the group killed the rest of the Terminus people, but could this be from something far more sinister? What do you think will happen in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead? Do you think Beth will die? Do you think Rick will save the day? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!