Entertainment News'The Walking Dead', 'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover Episode is Coming Soon

‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Episode is Coming Soon


Fear The and The Walking Dead take place in two different timelines and two different parts of the United States, but that will not stop the show's creators from a future crossover. In a tease dropped at the Comic Con on Saturday, comic book creator said during The Walking Dead pale that the two shows will finally crossover.

“I'll say this: There are two Walking Dead shows. One character is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear on another show that I will not name.”

Robert Kirkman didn't reveal many details other than saying, “We've finally gotten to a place [with ] where we can play with some things,” but a source confirms to EW that the shows will converge at some point next year. The prospect of a crossover is tantalizing, especially considering Kirkman's comments at Comic Con in when he pointed out that “Fear the Walking Dead takes place roughly around the time of season 1 and beginning of in The Walking DeadWalking Dead season 8 is taking place with the theoretical Fear the Walking Dead season 7.… Right now the timelines are so different that it's impossible.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that showrunner Scott M. Gimple was recently hired to oversee the show Fear and EW asked him whether a crossover could be in the works and he previously said “no” – but it looks as though things have changed.

The show's showrunner did help provide a formula for the big crossover. The No. 1 thing that I'm doing is helping those guys move the story in new directions and take all the great stuff from Fear and play it out in directions that link up with how the comic tells stories,” says Gimple. “You know, these than iconic characters, and these real-life grounded human emotions. That's been my job for the past seven years, and it's not like there hasn't been that, but I think there's been some more to do that.”

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