Home Entertainment News Ving Rhames to star in the forthcoming boxing drama, Uppercut.

Ving Rhames to star in the forthcoming boxing drama, Uppercut.

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Uppercut: Transitions from Impossible Missions to Boxing

Key Takeaways:
– Ving Rhames to star in the forthcoming boxing drama, Uppercut.
– The is Torsten Ruether's English-language debut adapted from his 2021 film Leberhaken.
– Alongside Rhames, Luiii, Joanna Cassidy, and Jordan E. Cooper are set to star.
– Uppercut tells the tale of Toni, a budding boxing manager.
– The film is a Grindstone Entertainment with North American rights.

A Knockout Role for Rhames

The well-renowned actor of lumbering physique, Ving Rhames, has cast off his Impossible Missions uniform to don a pair of boxing gloves in Uppercut, a new boxing drama already causing a stir. Grindstone Entertainment, the bell-ringers for North American rights, has brought Rhames on board as a trainer who agrees to shape a new female pugilist in and out of the ring.

In what promises to be an emotionally charged saga, we're expecting to see a flip side of the actor, showing his incredible versatility. Just as we've seen him handle and explosives in high-stakes missions, we're looking forward to seeing him handle the gloves and sweat in the squared circle.

Torsten Ruether at the Helm

Taking the director's seat for this project is Torsten Ruether. Uppercut brings a milestone for the seasoned German writer-director, as it marks his first English-language debut. He does this by adapting his own 2021 film Leberhaken, seamlessly integrating the stories.

A Powerful Cast

Casting a soft on Uppercut's shine is the original films star, Luii, born Luise Grossmann. A former professional pole vaulter who transitioned into acting, Luii engages in an on-screen brawl with Rhames. Joining them are Joanna Cassidy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Blade fame, and Jordan E. Cooper known from Pose, Wolf, Mama Got a Cough. The illustrious group of stars sets up Uppercut for a potential knockout blow in the movie industry.

A Riveting Tale of Triumph

The narrative of Uppercut unfolds in 2014's . It shares the story of Toni, played by Luii, seeking wisdom from Rhames' character, Elliott. Elliott is a former professional boxer who owns a gym in Bushwick. Though initially hesitant to train her, he eventually lets down his guard, forming an unexpected bond.

Their journey breaks down social, racial, and personal fences, adding depth to the storyline. Our protagonist, Toni, later transforms into a pioneering boxing manager, leading Payne (Cooper) to his first championship. Armed with knowledge from her training with Elliott, she prepares the next generation of award-winning fighters.

Director Ruether expressed his excitement over the synergy between Rhames and Luii, praising it as “an incredible chemistry.” With a competent production crew, Ruether believes the film will keep audiences on their toes.

The Next Gig for Rhames

Fans eager for Rhames' performance in Uppercut can meanwhile enjoy his voice acting in the upcoming Garfield Movie. He lends his voice to Otto, a purple bull that Garfield meets on his unpredictable road trip. The lazy, chubby feline, known for his love for lasagna, vies for box office success against and in George Miller's Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

In Conclusion

The drama, excitement, and electrifying performances from Uppercut are worth looking forward to. While we wait for its grand opening, your thoughts on the movie are welcome in the comment section below.



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