Vin Diesel Says Acting Helped Him Deal With the Loss of Paul Walker

Ever since Paul Walker died, Vin Diesel reveals he still struggles everyday to move on without his best friend.

According to reports, Vin Diesel revealed that he is still depressed over the loss of his friend and Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker, so taking on the role of an immortal in the upcoming feature film The Last Witch Hunter was a form of therapy helping him deal with the grief. “Death was a huge theme last year,” Diesel told The AP on Friday. “There was something therapeutic about playing this role after going through (Paul Walker’s death).” This is not Vin Diesel's first sci-fi/fantasy movie. Recently the actor starred on the Guardians of the Galaxy with a legendary one-liner and previously in The Chronicles of Riddick series and Babylon A.D. “The idea that someone immortal could be so melancholy. 2014 was a tough year for me in some ways — a lot of ways,” Diesel said, breaking down before continuing. “Playing a character that was masking his sorrow — his loss — was very appropriate for the time, because that’s what I was doing in real life with the post-“Furious 7.” Paul Walker Died two years ago after the Porsche in which he was riding in crashed and burned in Los Angeles during the holiday break of filming Furious 7, the latest Fast & Furious movie. Production was stopped indefinitely, and was not resumed until nearly a year later. Vin Diesel felt that making the movie would honor Paul Walker's legacy as an actor. “Paul said, ‘You know (“Furious) 7” could bomb and (“Furious) 8’ is still guaranteed.’ When somebody who is like your brother makes a promise, you feel inclined to want to honor that,” Diesel said. Vin Diesel revealed that he also believed in Paul Walker's philosophy of creating a feature film franchise saying, "he took a lot of pride in this franchise and he'd be smiling down at the idea of us actually doing what we talked about, which is going to the 10th chapter," Furious 8 is expected for a 2017 release and rumors hit the Internet saying Diesel would direct the latest installment in the Fast & Furious series. But, Diesel dismissed the idea of getting behind the camera for a feature film, despite pressure from Vin Diesel's mother. "My mom wants me to direct tomorrow," Diesel said, "I'm like 'mom, it takes about a year of your life to go and direct. There's so many other movies I got to make."

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