Vin Diesel Reveals Major 'Fast & Furious' Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Vin Diesel shares Fast 8 secrets in a Facebook Live video

Ever since Fast & Furious finished production in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson called out several unnamed male co-stars from the movie's eighth installment, and many speculated he was referencing Vin Diesel. A source close to TMZ at the time said Diesel was the main subject of The Rock's Instagram rant after the actor failed show up to set on time. Though Vin Diesel has not directly acknowledged the arguments, he has posted several cryptic messages to his Fast 8 family after wrapping up shooting on the feature film. And on Friday, he took to Facebook Live to share some more details with his fans. “The reason we brought Dwayne Johnson into Fast 5 was because of you!” Diesel said. “There was a girl named Jan Kelly who said, ‘I would love to see you work together on screen.’ So the role that was originally written for Tommy Lee Jones, we gave it to Dwayne and he shined in it.” Diesel also praised working with Helen Mirren. “One of the best scenes I had in Fast 8 was working with Helen Mirren. It was so surreal. She’s such a wonderful, wonderful talent. It was such a blessing,” he said. If you're interested in the whole story, check out the video below that explains why the two allegedly didn't get along. Via ETOnline Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.