Vin Diesel Fans Are Worried After Bizarre Viral TV Interview (VIDEO)

Good Morning Britain viewers were shocked and slightly surprised when Vin Diesel appeared in an interview.

Richard Arnold, the breakfast show host, told presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard that the interview was the most surreal moment of his life, and it certainly didn't disappoint. 

Entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold sat down to interview the actor ahead of the Fast and Furious live stage show which opens in London tonight. However, Vin Diesel’s “odd” behavior stunned viewers, which began in a weird accent.

Richard asked him: "Can you tell us anything about the show, a sneak peek for fans?," before Vin responded: "I'll tell you everything," in a very strange accent.

The pair then played a game in which Diesel had to match up the first cars to the GMB presenters, with Diesel claiming victory even though he struggled.

Diesel exclaimed: “I didn’t know you were really playing the game. I thought this was just something 'cheeky' as they like to say. Did I win? I won, I beat him, I knew I’d beat him, I finally beat him.”

Things then went even weirder as Diesel added: “Richard, you’ve been licked this time!”

Naturally, those watching at home were unsure what was happening and took to social media to ask one important question. 

One viewer posted: “Is Vin Diesel gonna be alright? #GMB.”

“What the hell is vin diesel on? Has he been possessed by dick van dyke? #gmb,” joked somebody else. 

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