Vin Diesel Lied About Being a Back Up-Dancer for the Beastie Boys?

Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys says Vin Diesel made up that story about being a Beastie Boys back-up dancer.

Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys) spoke to Seth Meyers about the story Vin Diesel told on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week. Diesel said he was a back-up dancer for the Beastie Boys back in the day. Coincidentally the two are from the same neighborhood and Diesel used to breakdance, so it maybe possible. Except Ad Rock said it never happened. From Uproxx:
After recommending everyone get drunk or high and watch Diesel’s star-making turn in XXX, Ad-Rock said the story wasn’t true, adding “that’s weird, you guys”. He thinks perhaps Adam Yauch — “because he was a nice guy” — helped Diesel get into a dance club when he was too young to get in on his own, and then Diesel misinterpreted this as being associated with the band somehow.
Maybe Vin Diesel was confused and thought he was actual back up dancer? Or maybe Ad Rock is a liar? Or maybe Vin Diesel is such a good actor he tricked everyone into believing his story? I'm not sure but, you can watch the videos below and judge for yourself.

Vin Diesel Interview

Ad Rock's Interview

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