Coronavirus: Vancouver The Next Hollywood? Warner Bros. TV Shows To Resume Filming This August

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Coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, Warner Bros. TV is planning for a late August start for several of their TV shows in Vancouver. The casts of several Warner Bros. TV shows filming in Vancouver received letters from the studio, informing them they will be returning for the 2020-2021 season this August.

The planned start dates vary or each show, but it will start sometime between August 20th through the 27th. The actors will need to arrive in Vancouver two weeks early for self-isolation, which is required by British Columbia. Filming will start after the quarantine period.

The shows include the following:

That said, ‘Supernatural’ cast members returned to Vancouver earlier this month, with the show on track to start filming in mid-August.

Other productions set to resume filming in Vancouver include ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things,’ which will start production in August.

Meanwhile, in all film and TV productions in the Los Angeles area were stopped due to the Coronavirus-related shut down from April to June. According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles only had 194 filming days during the second quarter of 2020, which is only 2% of the 8,632 recorded days at the same time last year. As a result, the Coronavirus has resulted in a 98% drop in film production in Los Angeles. It is the “lowest filming level on record.”

FilmLA President Paul Adley also explained to the Los Angeles Times, “we also have to be very concerned about the thousands of small businesses that depend on this industry and whether they have been able to sustain for three months-plus without work.” Adley predicts over 5,000 small businesses in Los Angeles of 10 people or less rely on the film industry to pay the bills.

In Georgia, according to the statement by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, an estimated 40,000 production workers will find jobs at 75 projects, which are expected to start filming over the next 18 months.

The estimate will also impact other second-line businesses, including 17,000 Georgia businesses. Currently, there are 20 TV shows and movies filming in Georgia, but a majority of these productions are reality shows.

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