Entertainment NewsUnravel the Mystery of Longlegs in Viral Marketing Site, The Birthday Murders

Unravel the Mystery of Longlegs in Viral Marketing Site, The Birthday Murders


Key Takeaways:
– Osgood Perkins' latest horror project, Longlegs, is set to hit theatres 12th.
– A viral marketing site, TheBirthdayMurders.net, teases the plot with details about the character played by Nicolas Cage.
– Visitors are encouraged to decode a zip file found at the bottom of the “Victims” page on the site.
– The stars Nicolas Cage, , Alicia Witt, and Blair Underwood.

Take a dip into the world of notorious fictional serial killers with Longlegs, a film designed to make your skin crawl. Osgood Perkins, known for his gripping horror stories, has another gruesome tale launching in theatres next month. To accompany the terror-driven movie, a creepy marketing site, TheBirthdayMurders.net, shares chilling details about the grisly crimes committed by the film's character, played by Nicolas Cage.

Plotting the Trail of a Serial Killer

According to the front page of TheBirthdayMurders.net, Nicolas Cage's character, known as Longlegs, has sown mayhem and horror across the Pacific Northwest for nearly three decades. Behind the seemingly straightforward murder-suicides, a trail of coded messages reveals a vicious serial killer weaving an intricate web of violence.

Can You Decipher the Code?

The marketers behind the website have added an layer of interaction, inviting fans to decode a mysterious zip file on its “Victims” page. The challenge is on to unravel the secrets hidden within, producing a treasure hunt that will have murder mystery fans and horror hounds hooked.

Meet the Characters

Nicolas Cage stars as Longlegs. Alongside him is Maika Monroe from It Follows, playing FBI agent Lee Harker. She's a promising recruit, assigned to dig deep into this mysterious serial killer case. Alicia Witt from Urban Legend and Blair Underwood from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. join them in this bone-chilling tale. As the plot unfolds, audiences will discover a shocking personal connection between Agent Harker and the ruthless Longlegs.

Behind the Scenes

Previously, Cage discussed his character in a chat with John Carpenter, giving us a sneak peek into the plot. He described his role as akin to a “possessed Geppetto, who's making these dolls”.

The film was produced in , Canada by Cage's company, Saturn Films, along with Dan Kagan, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Dave Caplan, and Chris Ferguson. Jason Cloth and Fred Berger from Automatik, together with John Friedberg from Black Bear, serve as executive producers.

The Man in the Director's Chair

Osgood Perkins, the man helming this project, has quite an impressive track record. Besides directing popular like The Blackcoat's Daughter, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, and Gretel & Hansel, he has worked on for Cold Comes and The Girl in the Photographs. Furthermore, he directed an episode of The Twilight Zone's recent revival.

Your Thoughts Matter

Are you excited about the soon-to-release Longlegs? What are your opinions on the viral marketing site, TheBirthdayMurders.net? Share your thoughts with us, your feedback could provide valuable insights.

With its immersive storytelling and engaging interactive elements, the viral marketing site adds an intriguing level of anticipation to the release of Longlegs. We're eager to see if the movie is as spine-chilling as the site suggests! Don't forget to mark your calendars for July 12th!

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