As Movie Theaters Shut Down, Universal Will Release Its Movies on Demand

Universal Studios

Singapore - May 2, 2018: Universal Studios with luminous globe in Sentosa island at blue hour with pink lights. Universal Studios Singapore is southeast Asia's first Hollywood movie theme park. (Benny Marty /

Amid the Universal movies will be available to rent including 'The Hunt' and 'The Invisible Man'.

As box office sales are taking a massive hit. Movie theaters are now sitting virtually empty. Until now, movie studios were patient and waiting out to see the impact of the pandemic. But, Universal will be the first entertainment company to break a long-held tradition. Universal will make theatrical releases available for on-demand rental starting this week. Starting with 'The Hunt' and 'The Invisible Man', and 'Trolls World Tour, Universal will offer titles for rent over streaming for $19.999 for 24 hours. CNN reports:
Universal said in a statement that it made its movies available in the home now rather than because of the "current circumstances," which have "made it more challenging to view our films." "Given the rapidly evolving and unprecedented changes to consumers' daily lives during this difficult time, the company felt that now was the right time to provide this option in the home as well as in theaters," the studio said in a statement on Monday. "NBCUniversal will continue to evaluate the environment as conditions evolve and will determine the best distribution strategy in each market when the current unique situation changes."
Now, many theatrical releases won't miss out on their favorite films while stuck at home. Some are complaining about the price. But, a trip to the movies for two people could easily exceed $20, and it could quickly increase with each additional family member. But, for a film that costs multi-millions to produce, $20 is a simple contribution to the cast and crew who worked hard to make a production for your entertainment. Related “Coronavirus” news:

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