Entertainment NewsUnearthed Revelations of the Planned Sequel of The Bodyguard Starring Princess Diana

Unearthed Revelations of the Planned Sequel of The Bodyguard Starring Princess Diana


Key Takeaways:
– A sequel to Kevin Costner's “The Bodyguard” was being planned with Princess Diana as the star.
– The sequence of and discussions, leading towards this project's creation, was recently shared by Costner in a Howard Stern Show .
– The Royal family reportedly disagreed with the idea, especially after the news a year after Princess Diana's .
– Props for the sequel never moved forward due to Princess Diana's tragic passing.

The Alluring Sequel of The Bodyguard with Princess Diana

The iconic film, “The Bodyguard,” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, remains a cult classic today. Many of us still enjoy and admire the captivating storyline, the stunning performances, and the timeless . So, it's astounding to consider that a sequel was once in the works, with none other than Princess Diana considered for the leading role.

Star Kevin Costner Spills the Beans

Kevin Costner, one of the lead actors of “The Bodyguard,” opened up on the Howard Stern show about an intriguing project that never took off. He revealed plans for a sequel to the legendary film, this time with the beloved Princess Diana at the helm. Unfortunately, due to her untimely death, the romantic thriller scheduled to mark the Princess' debut couldn't proceed.

Costner expressed how Princess Diana showed interest in furthering the project. How their conversations revolved around building the narrative around her. Costner even clarified that he wasn't planning to reprise his role as the bodyguard. Instead, the story was meant to revolve around him accidentally ending up with the Princess who'd broken off ties with the Royal family.

Rejecting the Idea of The Bodyguard 2 without Princess Diana

While the idea seemed engaging, Costner adamantly states that he has no wish to pursue this project without Princess Diana. According to Costner, her absence would create an irreplaceable void that couldn't be filled by any other actor.

Costner vs The Royal Family

Costner has been vocally consistent about his plans for the sequel. However, the proposal wasn't well-received by the royal family. Costner stressed that after details regarding the sequel leaked a year post Princess Diana's death, the family their trust in him.

This lead disciple resulted in some unpleasant . Yet, things eventually simmered down to a standstill. Interestingly, Costner shared a surprising bit about an unexpected encounter with Prince William, years after his mother's passing. He mentioned, Prince William revealed that Princess Diana had a fondness for him.

The Enthralling Tale Surrounding The Bodyguard 2

After all these years, Costner's revelations about behind-the-scenes discussions of this unrealized dream project provide fascinating insights. This adds a fresh angle to the enduring legacy both in Princess Diana's and the classic film, The Bodyguard.

Regrettably, we'll never have the opportunity to witness Princess Diana's enactment in the proposed Bodyguard sequel. Nevertheless, the original film continues to hold a special place in many hearts. Fans can relive the magic since “The Bodyguard” is currently available for streaming on .

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