Twitter Releases New "Notes" Features

Twitter has added a new "Notes " feature that allows for longer content.

After that, we'll expand to a small group of beta writers.

Twitter is testing a new feature called Notes, which allows users to post long-form content. Users on the site previously had a 280-character limit when composing tweets.

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In a tweet, the firm claimed that it's currently testing Notes with a small group of writers based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ghana. The content will be accessible to anyone who does not have a Twitter account in most countries. This implies that even those who do not have a Twitter account may read the material.

Those in the beta test group will have a "Write" tab on their profile where they can type up material and access their notes. They'll also have a Notes section on their profile so that followers may find them quickly.

Twitter shared a thread of some of the Notes that the test writers have published since it rolled out the feature. Notes appear to be articles in which writers can embed photos, videos, and tweets.

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