'Twin Peaks' Season 3 is Coming to Showtime in 2016

'Twin Peaks' is scheduled to return to TV in 2016 on Showtime.

For the first time in a very long time, David Lynch is not messing with everyone. Twin Peaks is actually coming back. According to reports, Twin Peaks is coming back to life with nine new episodes to air on Showtime in 2016. Sources say the series creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost are working on scripts, with David Lynch planning to direct all nine episodes. The episodes will be released in early 2016, which will also premiere 25 years following the season finale of the original ABC series which ended in 1991. David Lynch’s Twin Peaks centers on an investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) into the murder of a homecoming queen Laura Palmer. The series pilot episode was first aired on 1990 on ABC, and the series continued onto the second season. The new series will be set in the present day and continue the storylines created in the second season. The sources aldso report that the new episodes will not be a remake or a reboot but will reflect the actual time that has passed since viewers have seen the key characters. In a recent interview with Mark Frost from The Hollywood Reporter, despite the series being extremely popular on Netflix, Twin Peaks is a story that had to be told one chapter at a time.

When did this become a reality?

It sprang to life three years ago, when David and first started talking about it and we realized this world and these people were drawing us back. It's gestated since then, and then this year we realized it was time to go out and place it somewhere. Showtime was the first place we spoke with, and we think we found a wonderful home for it.

Did you have talks with anyone else, like Netflix? The original series has gotten a lot of play there.  

You know, we never got to that point. We had that first meeting [with Showtime>, and it was so encouraging, it didn't feel like there was a need to go anywhere else. I know there's been this whole emphasis on binge watching — and a lot of people have done that to our show — but I think when you're unveiling hours, there's something to be said for spacing it out. Give people a chapter at a time, instead of the whole book.

Get ready for Twin Peaks Season 3:


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